Sridhar Gutam

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Dr Sridhar Gutam

Professional Title: Researcher
Other: Senior Scientist

Primary domain: Plant Physiology

Organization name: ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region

Organization type: Government/Public Services

City / Country: Ranchi - India

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I am Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology) and Open Access Evangelist. After earning my PhD (Plant Physiology) from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, I had joined in the Agricultural Research Service of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in the year 2004. At present, I am working as Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology) at ICAR Research Complex for the Eastern Region’s Research Centre in Ranchi. Apart from my professional area of work on studies related to Plant Physiology and Phenology of Horticultural Crops, I have interests in Free & Open Source Software (FOSS), Open Access, Open Data and Open Education. I started a community of practice, ‘Open Access India’ through which I am advocating for opening-up of access to agricultural research data and information and adoption of FOSS technologies in Agricultural Research. I am also DOAJ Ambassador for the Indian region.