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Ms Eliane Blumer

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Library and Information Science
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EPFL Library
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After finishing her bilingual (French/German) B.Sc in Information Science at the Geneva School of Business Administration, Eliane Blumer worked as research and teaching assistant in the same institution and was involved in scientific projects concerning usability, semantic web, information literacy and portals as well as research data. Parallelly, she worked as librarian in the legal deposit of the Library of Geneva. From 2014-2017, she was coordinator of the Swiss Project "Data life-cycle management (DLCM)", financed by the program SUC P-2/P-5 "Scientific information: Accessing, processing and saving", a project, which aims offering research data management services to Swiss researchers. Since 2017 she is working as information specialist at EPFL Library. She works as well as continuing education fellow within the Swiss Library Association. Whenever she is not occupied with data or information, she learns languages, dances and loves to travel.

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