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Member since: 08/26/2015 - 09:03
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E-government, ICT, IoT, Green IT, Digital Divide, IT Policies
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Assistant Professor
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Galgotias University
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I am an Engineer specialised in Computer Science and Information Technolgy. I have diversified into Research, Writing, Advocacy in Internet and Communication Technologies(ICT) , Sustainable Development, Green Computing, E governance and Education. I have been working as a United Nations Volunteer and volunteered on several projects which are core to United Nations Development Goals 2030. I have also founded a Non Profit, Non Governmental organisation with the name of The Gihon Foundation which works to strive a positive energy balance, Sustainable Environment and ICT in Governance, Health Care and Education. I have worked with several international Non Profits for Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Cyber Security, Gender Access and other domains. I also serve as a resource person in Internet Governance Forum 2016. The Projects and Events that I have previously been associated with have been directly or indirectly been sponsored by the top most organizations in their respective fields, like United Nations, World Bank, UNESCO, WHO, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) , IBM, European Commission, ACM, IFIP, Springer.

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