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Mr Nathan Cunningham

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Data science
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Associate Director : Big Data
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UK Data Archive
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United Kingdom

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I am chiefly responsible for setting the direction and priorities for integrating novel data types (and associated protocols and procedures) into the UK Data Service collection. This includes outputs across the data access spectrum, from highly sensitive linked data to data that can be released under an Open Government Licence. In these duties, I will be collaborating closely with colleagues at the newly established Administrative Data Service and its network of research centres. I will also be actively liaising with senior stakeholders outside the Service, most especially with data providers from business and the public sector. A primary aim will be to work with the other data centres in the ESRC Big Data Network (based at the universities of Essex, Glasgow, Leeds and UCL) to ensure collaboration and consistent communication between organisations and stakeholder groups. I will also liaise with the other Big Data initiatives at the University of Essex through their Institute for Data Analytics and Data Science.

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