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Mr Pascal BONNET

Member since: 07/21/2015 - 12:17
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geography, epidemiology, animal health, agriculture, data management, information systems
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Deputy Director - Department Environments and Societies
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Government/Public Services

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I am a veterinarian who held a PhD in health geography. I also carried out research in epidemiology, animal science and livestock economics. I work in France at CIRAD (Centre for Agricultural Research for Development). My background covers livestock research and development in Sub Saharan Africa, South East and Western Asia. I have carried out research on animal health services in Ethiopia and Eastern Africa with ILRI, in partnership with the civil society (NGO’s, pastoralist’ associations). I worked for EU through EDF projects in Southern Africa and more recently for national projects in the Mediterranean area (Tunisia, Egypt). My key interests are livestock development and research approaches that combine data management, information systems to carry out geographical studies and economic analysis at farm, commodity chain and regional levels, focusing on community development and landscape analysis. Moreover I head the institutional working group on scientific data sharing at CIRAD.

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