Michela Vignoli

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Mrs Michela Vignoli

Professional Title: Researcher
Other: Junior Scientist

Primary domain: Open Research, Open Access, Open Data

Organization name: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Vienna - Austria

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Michela Vignoli is Junior Scientist at AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, where she gained expertise in Open Research, Open Access, and Open Data (http://open-research.ait.ac.at). Her focus of interest lays on knowledge management and research in the digital era. Michela is actively promoting and advocating for Open Science practices in Austria and beyond and gave a number of presentations and workshops on the topic. As board member of the YEAR network (Young European Associated Researchers Network) Michela considerably contributed to consultation activities with the European Commission and to the organisation of YEAR events.

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