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Wiki PageNorms for contributing to and using RDA products Mark Parsons08 hours 36 min ago
RDA GroupDomain Repositories Interest Group George Alter01 month 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistInvitation to the next AMA call! Elli Papadopoulou22 months 6 days ago
Post to Group MailinglistWGDC Meeting at P12 in Gabarone: Mon, Nov 5, 14:00 Andreas Rauber22 months 3 weeks ago
Wiki PageOrganisational and Process Plan Mark Parsons03 months 3 weeks ago
Wiki PageProcess and Criteria for RDA Recommendations Mark Parsons54 months 3 weeks ago
OutcomesRecommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data Tobias Weigel15 months 1 day ago
Post to Group MailinglistFwd: [CODATA-international] Why are women under-represented among the ranks of data scientists? Mark Parsons05 months 2 weeks ago
Post to Group MailinglistNature publication Amir Aryani26 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistFwd: Register Now: 6/12 Report Release on Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Mark Parsons06 months 1 week ago
Blog entryEasing the trauma of telecons Mark Parsons17 months 1 day ago
Forum topicRequest for Comment on Draft RDA Output and IP Policy Mark Parsons38 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistRDA Code of Conduct Draft out for community comment Lynn Yarmey28 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistFwd: [rda-outputs-ip] Policy out for comment Mark Parsons08 months 2 weeks ago
Basic pageConnecting the pieces: coordinating communities and combining recommendations - RDA 11th Plenary BoF meeting Mark Parsons09 months 14 hours ago
Post to Group MailinglistWGDC-Mtg@RDA-P11: Wed., 21.3., 12:00, A03: Call for Slides/Presentations Andreas Rauber19 months 1 day ago
Wiki PageRDA Code of Conduct - Draft for Review Lynn Yarmey119 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistRe: [pid-kernel-info-wg] [pid-kernel-info-wg] Connection of PID KI WG Meeting Call... Mark Parsons29 months 1 week ago
Blog entryWhy don't people vote for TAB candidates? Mark Parsons49 months 2 weeks ago
EventProject Workshop to Apply RDA Recommendations to make data FAIR in the Earth and Space Sciences Kirsten Elger010 months 16 hours ago
Blog entryEuro Tour leg 1 Mark Parsons010 months 19 hours ago
Blog entryRDA France meeting, 20 June 2014, Paris Herman Stehouwer110 months 4 days ago
Blog entryReflections on the Evolution of RDA Mark Parsons010 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistDCO present in Berlin Mark Parsons110 months 1 week ago
Post to Group MailinglistRe: [rda-oab] Council Sustainability and Funding subcommittee - 1st meeting... Mark Parsons110 months 3 weeks ago


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