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Mrs Hilary Hanahoe

Professional Title: CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive

Primary domain: Research Data

Organization name: Research Data Alliance

Organization type: Other (please specify) - obligatory

City / Country: Pisa - Italy

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Hilary Hanahoe was appointed Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) on 1st February 2018, having covered a multiple of roles within the alliance, including the coordinator of the RDA Europe initiative, the Communications and Plenary Manager for the RDA global secretariat. In recent years, she has also managed the process for the recognition of RDA recommendations as ICT technical specifications in Europe. She has considerable experience in community development and data infrastructures specifically in the delivery & implementation of the user-centric communication platform and communications and outreach strategies. She has edited and written many reports and publications in the field of data, research and e-infrastructures (e.g. Hanahoe, H. et al (2014) “The Data Harvest: How sharing research data can yield knowledge, jobs & growth” RDA Europe Report, December 2014.). Hilary can be contacted: by email: hilary.hanahoe[at]rda-foundation.org by telephone: +393454719284 by skype: lunastella72 She is on Twitter @hilaryhanahoe and LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/hilary-hanahoe