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Dr Christian Pagé

Member since: 10/03/2014 - 10:06
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Climate Change/Meteorology
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Research Engineer
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I can describe myself as a dedicated, reliable, positive, upbeat and enthusiastic project manager. I have experience in large european projects, notably in climate change, data infrastructure and Big Data. This require leading work packages, developing and enhancing networks, organizing and leading workshops, and contributing to large conferences and scientific papers. I have very good interpersonal and communication skills. I enjoy working in teams and with several institutes, with people having heterogeneous backgrounds. I always ensure that our objectives are within target and that we are successful to achieve them. I have also many ideas to improve our ways of doing things, in an interdisciplinary environment. LinkedIn: My main skills are: Applied research in meteorology, aeronautics, aviation and climate Algorithm design and programming System administration Project Management and PI Realtime production and website design, building and management Environmental related studies My goal is also to get more involved in project management, and to get more expertise in code and system integration. I also earned double citizenship, as I am a born-(French-Speaking)-Canadian that applied successfully for France citizenship. This makes it convenient to work anywhere within Europe and Canada. I am also very active with an upbeat personality, also practicing several sports almost everyday, such as running, handball, football, cycling, etc. I am highly motivated and like to bring myself to always higher performance! Expertises: meteorology, weather, climate, computer science, programming, web, project management, expertise, environment, aviation, aeronautics

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