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Mr Peter Solagna

Member since: 18 September 2014
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IT Specialist/IT Architect
Primary Domain/Field of Expertise (Other): 
Distributed IT services, Service operations management.
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Senior Operations Manager
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Other (please specify) - obligatory

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Peter Solagna works as Senior Operations Manager at He has particular expertise in the field of distributed and federated infrastructures, and has been successfully coordinating two activities in the EGI- InSPIRE project, among which Technology provisioning (which includes the activities for the deployment of a Federated Cloud infrastructure) and the Operations of the production infrastructure. Before and EGI-InSPIRE, Peter worked for INFN in the context of EGEE-III projects, and for other big international collaborations involving distributed operations. Peter holds a MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Padova.

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