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Member since: 07/21/2014 - 12:28
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ICT, eScience
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R&D Business Developer
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Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa
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Large Enterprise

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I'm a curious techy interested in exploring how ICT technologies can change business and life. Currently, I'm focusing on EC funding (LEIT and Excellent Science H2020 pillars) and on Exploitation and Impact on Business of Company R&D results. I graduated in Computer Science 1998, with a master thesis on object oriented lambda calculus guided by prof. Emeritus C.Boehm. On 2000 I entered into the EU R&D field by the ECOLNET Technical Manager. On 2002 I was appointed as RTD Coordinator Engisanità Spa, a branch company focused on HealthCare market. On April 2003 I joined again the Engineering labs as responsible of development of new business on Grid and Distributed Technologies, establishing a specific unit and contributing to several project in FP6/FP7 projects. In particular I was Exploitation Manager of Diligent project, Project manager of and EC study (, Industry Coordinator in Echogrid (a EU-Chinese cooperation on grid computing) as well as Project Director of VENUS-C project (FP7 INFRA-261556), ERINA+ support Action (FP7 INFRA-261550), and Chief Architect of the ClouT project (FP7 ICT-608641 - a joint EU-Japan Cooperation on Cloud + IoT). My research interests range from Open Source Cloud services in Public Administrations, Parallel and multicore programming, IoT and Fog/Edge Computing, Training and Education on Distributed Computing and Scientific Data Management.I recently got the PMP certification from PMI.

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