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Ms Amy Nurnberger

Professional Title: Other (please specify)
Other: Program Head, Data Management Services

Primary domain: Data Management

Organization name: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Amy Nurnberger - United States

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Amy Nurnberger is the Program Head for Data Management Services at MIT. Amy also serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Learning Analytics program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Within the broader research data community, Amy is a co-chair of the Research Data Alliance (RDA)/World Data Services Publishing Data Workflows Working Group and the RDA Education and Training on Handling Research Data Interest Group, is the elected co-chair of the RDA Organisational Advisory Board, and the appointed chair of the RDA Council Engagement and Communications Subcommittee. She also sits on the ACRL Research and Scholarly Environment Committee.

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