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Member since: 07/14/2014 - 08:32
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ICT innovation, eScience & ePublications
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Owner ISeeTea
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IT Consultancy/Development
Utrechtse Heuvelrug

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Gera Pronk (1968) received a MSc degree in 1993 in Computer Science (specializations Computer Architecture and numerical and parallel programming) at the University of Amsterdam. After her degree she worked a year in the group of Bob Hertzberger and Peter Sloot (University of Amsterdam) as a scientific programmer for multi-particle research on parallel computers. In 1995 she joined CMG and was involved in the Stormsurgebarrier and Stockholm Electronic Toll Collection projects. Three years later she moved to Itude, was the first employee of the Java startup Genimen and learned programming Java. From 1995 Gera worked as an ICT-consultant in large governmental (ministries, police) and commercial organisations (banks, insurance companies), mostly as project manager of internet based software development projects. In 2007 she started her own company (ISeeTea, pronounce “ICT”). Her customers are SURF, NIAS, University of Leiden and SURFnet. For SURF she coordinated the work of the Joint Research Unit of Dutch Universities for the European DRIVER II project and was national coordinator for the Dutch Digital Author Identification (DAI). For SURFnet she worked as a community manager research in the GigaPort3 program and was responsible for several SURFconext pilot projects. She co-organised large events, such as the SURF Research and Innovation Event (200+ participants) and the Research Infrastructure event VAMP2013 (Helsinki). In 2012 she was coauthor of the “e-IRG Blue Paper on Data Management”. Gera is an initiator/pioneer and teamplayer with excellent analytical and social skills. She is diplomatic and likes to work in innovative, international, creative and challenging environments.

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