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Mr Erik Roelofs

Member since: 06/05/2014 - 11:45
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Medical Imaging (Radiotherapy)
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Medical Physicist (/ Information Manager)
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MAASTRO clinic
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“Erik Roelofs is medical physicist at MAASTRO Clinic (MC), with a history in cross-domain system design and is specialized in medical informatics and knowledge engineering applied to radiation oncology. He started working as project leader within the MC physics group and now acts as information and program manager in the medical informatics & equipment group of MC. He is member of the Information Management Team and the technical leader at ptTheragnostic (, developing tools to achieve more effective, individualised radiation therapy for cancer patients. Erik initiated the open medical data archive called CancerData ( This platform strives to enable and enhance research in (radiation) oncology by providing medical image datasets for free use. Erik is also involved in the national counterpart of such an image archive ( under the TraIT program of CTMM, a public-private partnership for translational research. Furthermore, Erik is leading the multicentric Radiation Oncology COllaborative COmparison (ROCOCO) project, which uses his MISTIR in silico trail platform ( to safely exchange medical data with over 15 participating international members directed at comparison of state-of-the-art image datasets and a strict protocol, photon, proton and carbon-ion radiation treatment plans.”

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