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Dr Yogesh Sonavane

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Molecular Dynamic Simulation
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Postdoc Researcher
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Aalto University
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• Working knowledge of modeling and simulation in Computational Fluid Dynamics, ANSYS and COMSOL, Computational chemistry, Molecular dynamic Simulation with GROMACS and Experience with periodic calculations (DFT and AIMD). • Experience in Nanocellulose based products development, biocomposite, designing and construction of actual process plant, Energy demand calculations, Process Optimization. • Published results from research in journals while also attending and presenting the research findings at Chemical Engineering and heat transfer processes conferences internationally. Working with multidisciplinary and international team. Good knowledge English, German and Swedish. • Head of Steering Committee and Plenary lecturers, International Association of Researches on Industrial and Applied Sciences (IARIAS), International conference in Chemistry and Complexity Good knowledge about German and English language. As well as excellent theoretical and experimental experience in the field of heat and mass flow. Team player, experience with working autonomously, organizational and project management skills, technically demanding environments and strong analytical ability.

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