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Dr Didier Leibovici

Member since: 04/30/2014 - 14:20
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Geocomputational Workflow & data Analytics, Spatial data Infrastructure, etc.
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Researcher in Geocomputational data science & Statistics
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University of Sheffield
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Sheffield (UK)
United Kingdom

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Didier G. Leibovici’s expertise is in geocomputational data analytics with 15 years of research in leading UK universities (Oxford, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield) and 5 years in a French research institute. His work on spatio-temporal data modelling and analysis within different contexts, such as epidemiology, agro-ecological monitoring, dynamics of population studies, location based citizen crowdsourcing of environmental information is interdisciplinary. Didier’s interests are in challenging the potential of interoperability developments to manage cross-domains scientific models, workflow architectures along with their metadata information, data quality, reused in the data analysis methods he develops to depict spatio-temporal interaction and associations. Keywords: geospatial integrated modelling / interoperability for data and processes / scientific workflows & web services / GIS/ geospatial analysis & spatial statistics // meta-information / conflation / interaction //environmental & ecological modelling, epidemiological & public health /Volunteered Geographical Information (VGI)/ interdisciplinary research

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