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Ms Lina Harper Coordinator

Member since: 01/21/2022 - 17:18
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Information and Library Science
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Digital Research Alliance of Canada
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Policy/Funding Agency

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Lina Harper (she/they) has a background in RDM/OA policy and information science scholarship. She most recently worked as a policy analyst at SSHRC on such files as the 2021 federal RDM policy launch, and Open Access publishing bibliometrics. In her role at the the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, Lina works closely with the International Relations team in researching and developing policy, as well as supporting and strengthening international partnerships and engagements in the DRI ecosystem. Lina holds a BA in Communications from Concordia and is a graduate of the Women’s Studies program at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute. Currently completing a Master's thesis in Information Studies at the University of Ottawa (2022), her research focuses on scholarly communications, and specifically on research data reuse among digital humanities scholars. Lina’s interests include librarianship, her dachshund Buster Brown, design, the curated internet, Wikidata, and non-traditional scholarly outputs like podcasts.

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