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Member since: 04/29/2021 - 16:56
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Bioself Communication
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IT Consultancy/Development

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After obtaining a Masters in Bioinformatics in 2005, I joined the CNRS (France) in 2006 as biocurator at the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille. I joined the team of Patrick Lemaire, whose studies the ascidian developmental program with an integrative approach. When I arrived, the structure of the ANISEED database (Ascidian Network for In Situ Expression and Embryological Data) was designed to represent and model the ascidian development. My tasks were 1) Data formalization, curation and management from ascidian research, 2) Networking activities to mobilize the scientific community around common tools, 3) ANISEED development and improvement, system documentation. Since, ANISEED became the reference database for the tunicate community. In 2012, after completing 5 years and 11 months in short term contract in the academic institute, I decided to create Bioself to provide a sustainable manner my experience and engineering skills in biological data processing and scientific communication.

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