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Ms Heladia Salgado

Member since: 03/11/2021 - 20:04
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Programme Manager/Project Manager
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Academic Technician
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Center for Genomic Science, UNAM
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Cuernavaca, Morelos

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Heladia Salgado Osorio studied Computer Science at the Zacatepec Institute of Technology. He is currently a permanent full-time Academic Technician in the Computational Genomics Program of the UNAM Genomic Sciences Center. He has been a member of the National System of Researchers level I since 2005. His contributions focus on the area of ​​bioinformatics where he has collaborated on 36 published articles. One of its objectives, when collaborating in research projects, is to establish quality standards in software development in order to reuse them or make them available to the scientific community. The group in which he currently collaborates has level II verification in the MoProsoft Software Development Process Model/https://www.sige.org.mx/verificacion-moprosoft/). In addition, it continues to promote the implementation of best practices in research projects. Recently, given the open science initiatives and in order to comply with the FAIR principles for the RegulonDB database, they started the FAIR-rification project of RegulonDB, in collaboration with colleagues from the ELIXIR organization. Along the same lines of open science, he participated in the implementation of the Institutional Data Repository project of the Center for Genomic Sciences. In her teaching and outreach activities, her participation as an instructor of bioinformatics courses in the Bachelor of Genomic Sciences, in the Biomedical Sciences Doctorate Program and the Biochemistry postgraduate program at UNAM stands out. He has also actively participated in coordinating the academic activities of the International Bioinformatics Workshops. In addition, it has promoted collaboration links with the Software Carpentry Foundation, who promote good teaching practices. It should be noted that she is certified as a Software Carpentry instructor.

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