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Mr Franck Giacomoni

Member since: 02/18/2021 - 11:42
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Programme Manager/Project Manager
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Clermont Ferrand

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Franck Giacomoni is an Engineer who specialises in scientific information systems in metabolomics. He is head of the Ingenum INRA unit, in charge of policies, infrastructures and training on “workflows” and “data” topics at the scale of whole Institute. His research interests concern metabolomics data analysis workflows, biological information systems building and computing facilities design for life sciences. An active partner of the MTH consortium, Frank is project leader of the PhytoHUB database and the PeakForest database. He is the PI of W4M, an international and collaborative portal dedicated to metabolomics data analysis, and is task co-leader in a EU Joint Project Initiative HDHL-INTIMIC. He has had coordinating responsibilities in a number of previous regional and national projects (FLAME, FEDER; ANR-PIA MTH)

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