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Mr Phillip Delaney

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager
Other: Data Hubs Leader

Primary domain: Spatial/GIS/Urban Research

Organization name: The University of Melbourne

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: University of Melbourne - Australia

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Phil is a certified GIS professional, and is currently the Data Hubs Leader for the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network at Melbourne University. He is responsible for coordinating and delivering programmatic access to data through dedicated hubs across the country through the AURIN online portal. Phillip has over 8 years experience in spatial data management, metadata, data licensing and distribution, covering GIS data analysis and products, Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing datasets, LiDAR data, and cadastral and mining surveying data. In his previous role as a consultant, Phil contributed to and led a broad range of GIS projects for various sectors including: urban planning, infrastructure investment, environmental engineering, inundation and flooding, transportation, land use change mapping, renewable energy and natural resource management. Phil is involved in both the Victorian Regional and Young Professional committees for the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.