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Dr Bernard Schmitt

Member since: 09/07/2020 - 17:53
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Remote sensing / spectroscopy of solids / databases
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Institut de Planétologie et Astrophysique de Grenoble
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Senior researcher in planetary sciences with a broad range of topics on visible-infrared spectro-imagery remote sensing of solar system surfaces (Mars, icy satellites: Titan, Io, Triton, Pluto, KBO, comet), laboratory experiments (vis-IR spectroscopy, thermodynamics and micro-physical processes of solids (ices, minerals and organics) and numerical modelling (radiative transfer, thermo-physical processes). My interests are on the composition and physical state of surfaces, their origins and physic-chemical evolutions. Created the first experimental group in France dedicated to planetary sciences in late 80’s and get the ‘bronze medal’ of CNRS in 1992. Created the ‘Laboratory of Planetology of Grenoble (LPG)’ in 1999 with W. Kofman where I developed a ‘solar system solid matter’ group and a large set of experimental facilities in spectroscopy and thermodynamics of planetary analogue solids. In particular the development of a new concept of spectro-gonio radiometer for the simulation of spectroscopic observations of planetary surfaces by space missions. Developed the GhoSST solid spectroscopy database and its SSDM data model and then the SSHADE European solid spectroscopy database infrastructure hosting more than 17 databases. This expertise lead to the inclusion as Co- Investigator in the international teams of 6 spectro-imagers instruments onboard of space missions (NIMS/Galileo, DISR/Cassini/Huygens, OMEGA/Mars Express, VIRTIS/Rosetta, RALPH/New Horizons, MAJIS/Juice) where I also played a role in the design and test of some of the instrument parts. Proven leadership skills developed and refined during building up the ‘solar system solid matter’ group from 2 to ~15 staff, the co-direction of Laboratory of Planetology of Grenoble and the management of several tasks in Europlanet-RI (FP7) and Europlanet 2020-RI. Over 170 publications in peer reviewed journals, > 60 other publications and 12 chapters in books. More than 8500 citations with an H-index of 48. Supervised 19 completed PhD’s and host of 10 post docs researchers. Also published articles in the popular and general scientific press, and active in outreach through public conferences on space missions.

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