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Ms CLEMENT Eugénie

Member since: 08/26/2020 - 13:59
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Programme Manager/Project Manager
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Occitanie Data (association)
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The association of prefiguration Occitanie Data was formed in January 2019, around a core of 17 founders* from the industrial world as well as academia, companies and public institutions. And already, without waiting for the final structure, several dozen partners from all sectors have shown their interest in participating in this initiative and inventing a new development model. All of them have become aware of the pact of trust that Occitanie Data proposes to build and guarantee both on the level of data sovereignty and on the level of the ethics of its use, for a sharing and a cross treatment of the different sources that respects the interests of each one, and allows a fair distribution of the created value. *The 17 founding members: Occitanie Region, Toulouse Métropole, Federal University of Toulouse, Comue de Montpellier, CNES, Météo France, IGN, Enedis, Airbus, Atos, Sopra Steria, Aerospace Valley, IRT Saint-Exupéry, Orange, La Banque des Territoires, Qwant; since joined by new members: CNRS, Digital 113, Mipih.

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