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Dr Ines Vodopivec

Member since: 05/20/2020 - 11:18
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Deputy Director
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National and University Library
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Ines Vodopivec is Deputy Director of the National and University Library of Slovenia and Assistant Professor at Faculty of Slovene and International Studies, Nova University. In previous years, she worked as Head of University Library and Dean. In the past, she also worked as Main editor of the scientific journal Library. She was a Member of the organizational committee of the South-Eastern European Digitization Initiative in 2012 and cooperated in organization of International Internet Preservation Consortium in 2013. Ines studied librarianship, philosophy and art history and received her PhD in 2012. Her research focuses on old prints, European reading culture and Renaissance masters of book illustration. In October 2018 her research was awarded with Crystal Plaque at the Florence Magic of the Renaissance conference.

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