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Prof Morad Roudbaraki

Member since: 04/28/2020 - 17:22
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Iion channels and cancer
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Villeneuve d'Ascq

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I carry out my research activities in the laboratory of Cell Physiology, INSERM U1003. This laboratory has for general research theme, the study of the role of ion channels in the normal and pathological functioning of the human prostate. The general research area of our laboratory (INSERM U1003) is the study of the role of ion channels and intracellular calcium concentration in human prostate carcinogenesis. The aim of our research work is to determine the molecular and functional ion channels expression in prostate cancer cells as well as their role in the processes involved in carcinogenesis (proliferation, apoptosis, migration,...). These works would allow to highlight the ion channels as markers of the grades of human prostate cancers but also as new therapeutic targets in the treatment of these cancers. Recently, I developed a new project in the lab consisting in the study of the impact of environmental factors on the evolution of prostate cancer and in particular the roles played by these factors in the tumor microenvironment through the modulation of the expression and/or the functionality of the ion channel proteins.

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