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Starting 2007 (and until 2013), I was engaged in the design of an innovative genomics framework leveraging state of the art strategies in genome & proteomics mappings; NLP to discover novel insights from literature data at NCBI; and other digital tech to mine data and discover novel DNA & miRNA sequences which created next generation products in a Fortune 500 company with an expected NPV of more than $500 million (All the 11 patent & citations can be found here - Given the current health concerns with COVID-19 we are facing I will be more than happy to provide pro-bono/ free support to any public or private organization (during my free time in night or over the weekend) in fighting COVID-19 virus by acceleration of the sequence information & annotations for COVID-19; treatment discovery process via repurposing existing drugs using genotype-phenotype mappings, identify or optimize new potential target. Feel free to contact me using my personal email address:

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