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Dr Jorge Clarke

Member since: 03/27/2020 - 12:39
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Probability and Statistics
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PhD in Applied Mathematics / Mathematics Engeneer
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Clarke De la Cerda
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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I'm a Mathematician from Chile who's been teaching and doing research in Stochastic Differential Equations, Fractional Brownian Motion, Spatio-Temporal Statistics and Geostatistics in France, Chile, Brazil and a few other countries over the past ten years (I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Sciences and a Mathematical Engineer professional title). In my free time, I like to play GO, to read, to swim and to travel, I have explored more than 25 countries. I have done four short-films, and my friends often call me a knowledge broker and a storyteller. In 2019 I decide to explore the life beyond academia, and I started looking for a transition to a more applied role in our societies. This led me to evaluate where I could find a critical path that is best aligned with my personal interests and values, both at a personal and professional level. This questioning/transition, in addition to my natural deep curiosity, took me to explore fields in which the potential impact of my actions, especially the social impact, could be more direct. To this end, I have been engaging in courses, seminars, exploratory research and conversations with experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Sciences, Environmental Economics, Human Centered Design, Income and Wealth Distribution, and Voting Systems.

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