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I am professor and practitioner in the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the INSERM U1253 (CHU and University of Tours). I am specifically working on biomarkers's research in neurological diseases. Thus, my research activity is focused on the development of biomarkers, the understanding the aetiology of the disease and the identification of new neuroprotective agents based on biomarkers' findings. I have particularly used metabolomics and lipidomics approach to highlight diagnosis and prognosis biomarkers patients and animal models, and to improve the knowledge of pathophysiological ways in cell models. More recently, we are developing a therapeutic approach based on intrabodies to target some biomarkers. Part of the CV Education -Equivalent to the first year of a Master’s degree (2002-2003): - Equivalent to the second year of a Master’s degree -“Science of life and health”, option “physiology and technology for health, neurosciences”, and “physiology, biomolecules and therapeutics”, Tours, 2005 Research team: EA3853 “Immuno-Pharmaco-Genetics of therapeutic antibodies”, Directors: Dr C. Le Guellec and Dr G. Lalmanach -Grade obtained: B -Inter-university degree of Statistics (CESAM, field “statistical methods”), University Paris VI, 2007 -Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy, Tours, 2008 Director: Dr C. Le Guellec Grade obtained: A, with honours -Degree of Doctor in Science, University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, 2008 Research team: EA3035 “Clinical and experimental pharmacology of cancer drugs” , Co-directiors: Pr E.Chatelut, Toulouse and Dr C. Le Guellec, Tours Project Title: “Factors influencing the response of lymphoma patients to cancer drugs” Grade obtained: A - Inter-university degree of metabolic disorders, University Paris V, 2009-2010

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