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Ms Madiareni Sulaiman

Member since: 01/20/2020 - 08:33
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Research Data Management; Open Science; Library and Information Science
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Research Data Librarian
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National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN Indonesia)
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Government/Public Services
United Kingdom

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Madiareni Sulaiman is a Research Data Librarian at the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN), Republic of Indonesia. She is particularly interested in how research data management can support open science in the research and innovation ecosystem. She manages the National Scientific Repository in Indonesia and has extensive experience providing research support for various research projects. She is also one of the 22 International Fellows for Emerging International Voices, a Goethe Institut and IFLA joint program for young information professionals. She received research grants about open government data from the National Library of Indonesia and a short course regarding data governance from Australia Awards. She is also one of Indonesia's member representatives on the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. She is currently a PhD student in Information Studies at University College London, UK, with a focus on Research Data Management. She can be reached through Twitter and LinkedIn.

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