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Dr Temesgen Gebrie Yitayew

Member since: 08/06/2019 - 08:41
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Algorithm development for Remote sensing data processing
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NORCE Norwegian research center AS
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I have a master’s and PhD degrees in Physics/Remote sensing from UIT The Arctic University of Norway. During my master’s education (2010-2012), I have studied different signal processing and multivariate data analysis techniques from the different statistics, signal and image processing courses. In my master thesis project entitled multi-sensor data fusion and feature extraction for forest applications, I have been working on integrating data from different air-borne and space-borne sensors, and demonstrated the benefits of fusing remote sensing data from Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and Multi-spectral optical sensors for forest applications. In my PhD project (2013-2017) entitled "Investigation of sea ice using multiple synthetic aperture radar acquisitions", I have been working on processing and analysing satellite-based, helicopter-based and ground-based remote sensing data for Cryosphere applications. Since 2017, I have been working as a research scientist at NORUT/NORCE Norway. My main responsibilities include - Algorithm development for processing remote sensing data, particularly Synthetic aperture radar, Interferometric synthetic aperture radar and Tomographic synthetic aperture radar and optical data for land, ocean and cryosphere applications. - Working with machine learning techniques for parameter retrieval from remote sensing data Regarding programming languages and applications: - I have Excellent programming skills in Matlab and Python, working knowledge in IDL. - I have been Working regularly with remote sensing software such as SNAP, PolSARpro, QGIS

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