Cesare Furlanello

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Mr Cesare Furlanello

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager
Other: Responsible of Complex Data Analytics Research Line

Primary domain: Statistical Machine Learning

Organization name: FBK - Bruno Kessler Foundation

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Trento - Italy

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Cesare Furlanello is a mathematician and a data scientist, expert in predictive methods for the analysis of complex data in Bioinformatics, pattern analysis of biomedical data, as well as in risk mapping from spatial data. A Senior scientist of the Kessler Foundation, he heads the "Predictive Models for Biomedicine and Environment" research unit, developing open source software platforms which integrate scientific computing for machine learning, data visualization and decision tools. He the founder of the “WebValley project”, the FBK summer course for dissemination of interdisciplinary scientific research which trained more than 250 gifted high school students in developing the culture of scientific data with open source platforms since 2001.

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Node Coordinators: Emma Lazzeri