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Mr Anthony Beitz

Professional Title: Other (please specify)
Other: Director eResearch

Primary domain: Research Data Management

Organization name: University of Cape Town

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Cape Town - South Africa

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Anthony Beitz is the Interim Director of eResearch at the University of Cape Town and was previously the General Manager of Monash University’s eResearch Centre. He has extensive experience in the selection, development, deployment, and support of e-Research software infrastructure; especially in research data management. He directs the development and deployment of research data management infrastructure at Monash and has co-authored Monash's research data management strategy. Before joining the Monash eResearch Centre in 2008, he was a project manager for the DART and ARCHER projects (two key Australian e-Research initiatives which explored and developed infrastructure for research data management). Prior to his appointment at Monash in 2006, he had over a decade of experience in research and development with Telstra (Australia's major telecommunications provider).