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Dr sabrina Boni

Member since: 01/31/2019 - 22:11
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Business ad strategy Management , Project Management, International Politics
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Business Management StrategyConsulting and Project Management cosulting
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Indipendent Researcher - Business management and project management Consultant as Self Employed
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Other (please specify) - obligatory
United Kingdom

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• +8 Years of Experience Social Researcher: Strong experience applying social research methods to, Economic, Business , Management policy analysis, applying social research methods to. I'm able to lead teams to deliver analysis in a high profile policy area in a way that delivers maximum impact. I'm analyst, researcher, and published paper and research in Business Management, Strategy, project management Economics, Political issue, EMEA, Business Economics and Markets, Globalization, Business management, International Economics, Economics Political. I'm able to Input social science and research into effective decision making to assess social value as part of an options appraisal for policy design. I identify what tools and methodologies work best in delivering monitoring and evaluation of environmental, social and economic outcomes translating this for policy and implementation officials, and Development Case study . Analysis through a set of quantitative and qualitative questions, capturing detail, meaning and context. Research Analyst focused on international primary and secondary research, including surveys, executive interviews, data analysis and report writing and the work ,quantitative and qualitative. I possesses excellent analytical skills, can identify and define the analytical question, devising the most appropriate approach given time and resource constraints. • +7 Years of experience as Business Analyst and Management Strategy Consultant: I'm expert in Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Project Business and Strategy Management consulting, Organisation, Market Research, Marketing and Business analysis, Markets and Products and services development strategy, following up the economic policy market's contest. I have analytical expertise to high impact projects in international companies. Working directly with clients and senior managers to gather and analysing required information, conduction of analysis, results, summaries and conclusions .Contributing to the enhancement of firm’s service portfolio and intellectual capital. Planning and leading project streams .Executing and delivery of high-quality project work. I able to drive the companies in their operational, organizational and strategic choices, making available the most suitable tools to profitably manage their business: Management Consulting, optimization every business processes, Business Organization analysing of the organization and current strategies, Strategic consulting and Marketing, Tools and strategies for achieving goals. Finance Advice, Improving of financial performance, Start up and Company Restart consulting, starting up new businesses and corporate restructuration, Business management training courses. Market research, Strategy consulting, development investments, budgetary control systems, qualitative and quantitative analysis utilising Balanced Scorecard and others typical margins and index ROI, ROE, Break Event Analysis, Due diligence, Gap Analysis, Swot Analysis, BCG Matrix , Mark up Analysis. • I'm able to can demonstrate innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluation in complex situations and changeable scenarios. I developed good working relationships and et work with stakeholders with political customers and external partners. I able to outstanding client focus and sensitivity in international cultural environment . have high experience and knowledge in many social political economics and business issues and of many Key industry sectors, which as: Manufacturing, Luxury, Real estate - Property, Banking, Investment Banking, Fashion, Commercial Goods, Healthcare services, Tourist services. Experience in big, small and medium-size enterprise.

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