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Mr Arnab Paul

Professional Title: CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive

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Organization name: Patient Planet

Organization type: Small and Medium Enterprise

City / Country: Kolkata - India

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Arnab is a seasoned Healthcare professional with more than 12 years of international experience in Healthcare Operations, Quality Management and Business Strategy. He has helped clients achieve excellence in clinical & service delivery, operations, business process mapping, risk management, patient care & safety protocols. In his recent role, Arnab is a strategic mind behind a startup organization helping to bring best healthcare facilities to India's aging population. Arnab has consulted top North American & Canadian companies on many strategic projects. He is an innovative, highly motivated and hard-working individual with a passion for healthcare. He has exceptional project management, problem solving skills, and is comfortable working in high-pressure environments to meet competing deadlines. Arnab has a high degree of professional fluency in English demonstrated through regular executive briefings while working for some exciting consulting company in the world.

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