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Dr Jean-Christophe Desconnets

Member since: 09/04/2018 - 15:08
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data scientist
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IRD : French research institut for development
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JeanChristophe Desconnets is a senior engineer at IRD.He is a geomatic scientist at MICADO research team of ESPACE-DEV. He has two complementary competences. The first one is a environmental competence in water science (PhD in Water Science,Montpellier University, 1994) and the other one in computer science (MSc in computer science, Montpellier University, 2000). Jean-Christophe Desconnets is specialized in Spatial Data Infrastructure design with emphasis on semantic discovery and data processing capabilities. He participated as WP leader or co-leader in projects such as NatureSDI Plus FP7 project (ECP-2007-317007-NatureSDI+), GEONETCAB (ENV-2009- Action in the domain of EarthObservation to support capacity building in GEO), EOPOWER (ENV.2013.6.5-2,Mobilising environmental knowledge for policy and society). During these projects, mainly, he leaded the desgin and the implementation of technical part of spatial data infrastructure. Currently, he is involved with the GEOSUD project. He coordinates all the activities of design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of GEOSUD Remote Sensing Data Infrastructure. His researches activities are developed around the needs of data and knowledge sharing to provide to the stakeholders elements for decision support in environmental domain. He also involved French national land data center THEIA where he leads with CNES the data and processing interoperability works. Recently, he is co-leaded a Bill & melinda Gates fondation project "Fighting malaria: from global war to local guerrillas at international borders". He is currently the director of Infrastructure and digital data department of IRD.

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