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Dr Marta Cerejo

Member since: 26 February 2018
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Life Sciences
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Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Officer
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NOVA University Lisbon - School of Science and Technology
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I’m an Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Officer, with a previous 11-year research career in biotechnology and health sciences, developed at several institutions, national and international, from academic, public and private sectors. I am driven by projects that enhance the quality of life, passionate in matching knowledgeable people for establishing successful partnerships. For that I use my scientific background and industry insights to bring closer to the market added-value technologies. I like to work in a place where every day is a new day, with new challenges, new problems to solve, new conversations to mediate, always with rigour, fairness and ethics. I look for self- and group- improvement every day. I am organized with excellent time- and stress-management skills and well prepared to work by objectives. I am an easy-going, hard-working, adaptable and resourceful professional. My main skills include: - Negotiating and drafting technology transfer agreements; - Intellectual Property management; Management of patent and utility model portfolio; - State-of-the-art search and evaluation of patenting pre-requisites and patent drafting; - Evaluation of technology market need and commercial potential, market discovery and go-to-market strategy, including IP strategy; - Networking skills, partner scouting and mediation of negotiations technology-specific and at institutional level; - Life Sciences and Biotech specialist: hard skills in molecular biology, microbiology, microscopy, drug discovery and development and drug safety (early ADMET); Know-how of the pharmaceutical industry; - Experience in event organization (, BIOALVO and RIA) for different audiences; - Problem-solver, ability to work by objectives respecting deadlines, hard-worker, excellent in time and stress management, methodical and organized but adaptive; - Experience in communicating scientific knowledge to different audiences;

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