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Mrs Gabrielle Parent-Doliner

Member since: 01/25/2018 - 21:50
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Programme Manager/Project Manager
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Recreational Water Quality
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Swim Guide Program Manager
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Swim Drink Fish Canada
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Other (please specify) - obligatory

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Gabrielle Parent-Doliner is the program manager for Swim Guide, with Swim Drink Fish Canada. In addition to managing Swim Guide’s extensive database of 8,000 beaches in 10 countries, Parent-Doliner supports over 90 public and nonprofit organizations that contribute recreational water quality information to Swim Guide. Parent-Doliner is the primary author of the Canada Beach Report, the first ever national review of recreational water quality monitoring and public reporting practices across Canada. She is an author and manager of the Open Data Standard for the Automated Exchange of Recreational Water Quality. Parent -Doliner is currently managing the Great Lakes Community Monitoring Initiative, a four year program to establish citizen science monitoring hubs in underserved communities in the Great Lakes. Parent-Doliner is from Welland, Ontario.

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