Christina Englert

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Mrs Christina Englert

Professional Title: Other (please specify)
Other: Coordinator Research Institute/ Secretary RDM comitee

Primary domain: Language & Cognition/ Communication/ Linguistics/ RDM/ Research Ethics

Organization name: Univeristy of Groningen/ Faculty of Arts

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Groningen - Netherlands

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Since 2016 coordinator of the research institute 'Center for language and Cognition' (University of groningen). Since 2016; Secretary of the faculty's Research Ethics Review Committee (CETO) and the Research Data Mangement Committe. Teaching: Academic skills (RDM and research ethics) undergraduate courses. Textanalysis (undergraduate courses) Former: MA in Linguistics and PhD candidate in langauge & Social Interaction.

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Node Coordinators: Lisa de Leeuw