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Dr Christine Plumejeaud-Perreau

Member since: 10/05/2017 - 13:48
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IT Specialist/IT Architect
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computer science
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Research Engineer
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La Rochelle

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Christine Plumejeaud-Perreau received her master degree in applied mathematics in 2000, a research master in 2006 at LIG laboratory at Grenoble, France, followed by a PhD Thesis defended in 2011. She got a reward from the geomatics community through the GDR MAGIS price honoring her PHD's work on spatio-temporal databases for making long-term and sustainable information systems for socio-economic statistics. She was recruited by CNRS to work in an interdisciplinary laboratory, mixing ecology, biology, geography, history and geosciences disciplines. Her competences address the field of computer science and geomatics, as well as the edge of data science analysis through spatio-temporal analysis and statistics.

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