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Prof Christoph Becker

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Digital Curation
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University of Toronto
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Dr. Christoph Becker is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Associate Director of the Digital Curation Institute at the University of Toronto, and Senior Scientist at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Vienna University of Technology. Since 1998 he has worked as an independent IT consultant and software architect on a range of IT projects in different sectors. He finished his doctoral degree in computer science in 2010 after graduating with an MSc in Economics and Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology in 2007 and with an MSc and BSc in Computer Science in 2006 and 2004 respectively. He is member of ACM, IEEE and ASIST and has been involved in the European research projects DELOS, PLANETS, DPE, and SHAMAN. Currently he is leading the sub-project Scalable Planning and Watch of the new FP7-funded project SCAPE, and he is Principle Investigator of the new project BenchmarkDP. His research focuses on issues of longevity in information systems, combining perspectives of systems and software engineering, information management, decision analysis, enterprise governance of IT, and digital preservation of information and software.

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