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Dr Katia Regina Evaristo Jesus

Member since: 26 May 2017
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Sustainability in Agriculture
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Embrapa Environment
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Jaguariuna, SP / Brazil

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Doctorate in biotechnology, Researcher at Embrapa Environment, Jaguariuna, SP; Brazil. She got her master degree in Biotechnological Economy in 1999, then she started her PhD in Molecular Genetic of Microorganisms in the Biotechnology Program. She started working with Biosafety in 2001 when she joined the Environmental Research unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Agency (Embrapa). She focused her research on the environmental impact and risk management of agricultural technologies and sustainability assessment. Nowadays her Research line is Sustainability Assessment focusing indicator, metrics and methodology development for agricultural systems. She coordinates a research project entitled 'Sustainability Assessment of Sugarcane and Soybean Production Systems in the Center-South Region of Brazil: A methodology and conceptual model proposed SustenAgro'. Financing Embrapa. Started: March/2012 – Concluded: February/2016. It was formulated 55 indicators to evaluate the sustainability of sugarcane production system, those indicators were valid for around 400 experts from the academic and productive field, besides stakeholders. The paper with this result were submitted to an international magazine and all this information was organized in the Software/ Methodology SustenAgro (in the process of registering intellectual property rights) where all metrics were systematized for assessing the sustainability of agricultural systems and can contribute to the decision-making process in the Bioenergy sector.

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