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Dr Vivek Navale

Professional title: 
CTO/IT Director
Primary Domain/Field of Expertise (Other): 
Biological Sciences
Organization name: 
National Institutes of Health
Organization type: 
Government/Public Services
United States

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Thirty Five years of experience in interdisciplinary science - Earth, Ocean and Space Sciences. Served for ten years as the Principal Scientist for system development work for NASA's Cassini-Huygens Mission. Ten years of Academic research work in Chemistry with a doctorate in laser mass spectrometry of Polypeptides, Carbohydrates and Lipids. Received NASA and European Space Agency team awards. Fifteen years of experience as Chief of Digital Data Preservation and Information Technology Programs at National Archives and Records Administration, USA. Received NARA Archivist award. Currently at the Center for Information Technology Intramural Research program at the National Institutes of Health. Received NIH Director's award. Areas of research includes Cloud Computing in Biomedical Sciences, development Data Commons, intelligent biomedical archives, and application of Biomedical Research Informatics systems for brain diseases.

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