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Ms Elvira Martin

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Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias
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Project manager
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Fundació ACE. Institut Catalá de Neurociències Aplicades
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Other (please specify) - obligatory

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Fundació ACE is an non for-profit organization serving people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, their relatives and caregivers. Fundació ACE develops actions in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, daycare, research, education and awareness. Fundació ACE has executed dozens of competitive research projects since its creation. It has made important contributions in the field of neurodegeneration. Its research is pretty wide from robotics, to social research, molecular epidemiology, phenomics, genomewide association studies, biomarker research, neuroimagaing, or brain training software development. Fundació ACE started its activity in 1996 with the goal of addressing the increasing demand for the treatment and education for those individuals with dementia, and to do so by offering personal attention to the patients and their families. Fundació ACE attend >7000 outpatients every year being the largest infrastructure for AD management and research in Spain

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