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Dr Ezequiel Mas del Molino

Professional title: 
Programme Manager/Project Manager
Primary Domain/Field of Expertise (Other): 
Life Sciences
Organization name: 
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
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I have a bachelor (BSc) in Biochemistry and another in Biology from the University of Barcelona (UB). After a short experience as the Responsible of the Quality Department in a small company dedicated to pharmaceutical materials where I got familiarized with Project Management, Team Leading and Quality Systems, I obtained a Neuroscience MSc and a PhD in Biomedicine in the Dr Solsona's lab (UB). During the PhD I gained skills in several laboratory techniques and I obtained the Laboratory Animals experimental certificate. In addition to the lab work, I recorded, calculated, and analyzed data, prepared reports and wrote scientific articles. I also performed a research stay in the Dr. Leybaert’s laboratory in the University of Ghent learning other techniques regarding my PhD and engaging new international collaborations between both laboratories. The next experience was in the Nanohealth and Safety Department in LEITAT Technological Center gaining different experience and skills in the laboratory work such related with the potential toxicology of nanoparticle. During this position, I also gained skills in writing reports, articles and project calls related to the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. My next position was as Scientific Project Manager in CIRCE Crystal Engineering. There, I managed and coordinated the relations between customers and technicians concerning Virtual Screening Technologies to predict new small molecules cocrystals and polymorphs. I gained experience in Project Managing, Technology Transfer, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Moreover, I got a Torres Quevedo fellowship, although it was not accepted due to financial issues. Currently, I am working in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as a Research Project Manager as responsible of the Life Science Department, participating actively in the proposals, in the daily management and in the finance reporting regarding National (MEIC, AGAUR, ACCIÓ) and International calls (H2020, AXA). In this position, I am also responsible for all the lifecycle of the predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships of the whole center, with the mission of adding value to proposals; and I am in charge of the searching and advertising of the calls. Finally, I am the Project Leader of the CaixaImpulse Accompanying program, a grant from La Caixa Foundation to bring a SMUFIN (a whole genome analysis software) to the market.

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