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Member since: 03/17/2017 - 12:08
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Geographic & Statistical Information Systems for science, statistics & governance
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International Consultant
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Government/Public Services

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Consultant in Information Systems, international consultant at FAO of the UN, and active R and GIS open-source developer. Throughout my experiences, i have built a full stack of knowledge and skills to be fully operational as data manager, developing a pragmatic approach stricly bound to user upstream needs. My activities, currently oriented in the field of Fishery and Marine sciences, include: ⚪ the management of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of the UN FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture department (spatial database, Geoserver, Geonetwork) and its use in the Fisheries & Aquaculture knowledge base (including factsheet maps, and thematic online map viewers) ⚪ the development of data management/analysis interoperable and standard compliant tools and web-applications, including Web Information and Statistical Working Systems, as well as desktop automated data processings and publication flows ⚪ Expertises in the field of GIS ⚪ Expertises for computing with the R plateform, including statistical and geospatial analysis, processing automation, parallel computing, data visualization, reporting, integration with interactive web-information systems My activities focus on promoting and puting in practice Data and Metadata Standards such as OGC (WMS, WMS-T, WFS, WCS, SLD, CSW), ISO (19115,19119, 19139), SDMX, and promote an appropriate use of it in the field of fishery and marine sciences. In parallel, i'm involved in different open-source communities around GIS and R.

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