Federica Foglini

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Ms Federica Foglini

Professional Title: Researcher

Primary domain: GIS and Marine Geology

Organization name: CNR ISMAR

Organization type: Government/Public Services

City / Country: - Italy

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Federica Foglini, Degree (Llaurea) in Geology (2001), University of Bologna, MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing at Greenwich University, London. (2004). Technologist at ISMAR since 2005. Member of GEBCO Sub Committee Regional Undersea mapping since 2013. Member of technical group for the Italian MAGIC project as expert in Multi Beam data processing and acquisition. WP leader of the COCONET project for data management from 2012 to 2016. Actuallyt present task leader for the Sea Monitoring case study in the EVER-EST project (European Virtual Environment for Research – Earth Science Themes). She is coordinating the habitat mapping units in the framework of RITMARE project, a national flagship program funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education. She is coordinating the habitat mapping group in the Framework of the Marine Strategy Directive for ISMAR. She participated to several European projects as Database Manager (for the implementation of GIS and WebGIS system) and as expert in bathymetric data and habitat mapping (EMODNET, BIOMAP, MAGIC, HERMIONE, HERMES, Geological mapping of the Italian Sea). The main interests include: geodatabase design and implementation, seafloor mapping, marine cartography, habitat mapping technologies, multi beam swath bathymetry acquisition and processing. She participated in more than 20 oceanographic cruises as supervisor of geophysical data acquisition and processing and chief scientist. She is co-author of several international scientific papers and she wrote several technical reports about implementation and design of Marine Geodatabase and GIS mapping and multi beam bathymetry processing. She is supervisor of undergraduate, MSc and PhD theses and she is teaching GIS for Habitat mapping at Bologna University

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Node Coordinators: Emma Lazzeri