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Dr Martyn Winn

Member since: 02/15/2017 - 16:03
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Computational Biology
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Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK
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Government/Public Services
United Kingdom

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Chemist by training, spent 2 years in a theoretical physics department, and now group leader for computational biology. I've worked on software for macromolecular crystallography (CCP4), and am now expanding to other structural biology techniques through the Instruct Centre for computational structural biology and the CCP in electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM). I am also working on macromolecular modelling and simulation techniques, with a particular connection to high performance computing (CCPBioSim). As well as traditional HPC, I am also interested in data-intensive applications in biology, particular in the context of the Hartree Centre at Daresbury. A current example is algorithms for transcriptome assembly. Specialties: Modelling and simulation of proteins, macromolecular structure determination by crystallography and cryoEM, scientific software development, management of academic collaborations.

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