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Ms Weigang Yan

Member since: 11 July 2013
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big data science, data management, eco-informatics
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Natural Environment Research Council's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
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United Kingdom

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Weigang Yan has worked on information management in science for a few years. To achieve NERC’s objectives in data management, she advises scientists on data management planning for molecular sequence data, ecological and biogeochemical data, as well as data standards, methods of data documentation and archiving. Liaise with IT staff and data licensing team to mitigate risks of data related issues such as data storage, copyright and IPR. Additionally, she designed and developed data management plans for various scientific projects like consortia project CBESS under BESS programme (http://www.nerc-bess.net/). In her role in EIDC (Environmental Information Data Centre), she worked with application developers to develop EIDC’s Information Gateway, collected user requirements and promoted its use in scientific community. The document management system within the organisation she designed has transformed and improved the efficiency of research information management and practices within the organisation. Open data and data technology is one of the research areas she is interested in. Currently, she is developing a digital platform for the UK's greenhouse gas inventory in the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry sector, as well as the novel concept of datacosm for greenhouse gas, biodiversity and land use management. The work was presented to the 4th international Workshop of data Science and Dataology. In addition, she is keen to develop Linked Open Data technologies and big data technologies for the disciplines of ecology and environmental science and advocate for open data and open annotation. She has involved in designing and initiating cutting edge projects by integrating current digital technology and science, for example, she initiated a project of creating digital touchpoint via smartphone for predicting disease outbreaks in agricultural supply chain.

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