Use Case: Open Data Resources for Clean Energy and Water Sectors in India

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20 Mar 2023
With the wave of digitalisation, institutions across countries are pushing for the creation of open data and their governance. FAIR Data Principles have initiated the publishing of open research data to the key stakeholders and practitioners in the low- and middle-income countries to meet their developmental goals through practical usage in problem-solving. Open Data, which is part of the Open Science movement, has transformed the regime structure at a transnational level for the governance of critical issues surrounding water and energy. This paper provides a baseline survey to look into the various open data initiatives in the areas of water and clean energy across countries in general and India in particular. Given the multifaceted challenges around the water-energy nexus existing in India, it is critical to identifying the open data initiatives and studying their governance at the country level. Since governance requires the participation of various institutions and multiple stakeholders, the research aims at highlighting the various initiatives such as participation of institutions and the application of Creative Commons (CC) licensing terms in the open data governance for clean energy and water sectors in India. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 2019, 39(6), 300-307, DOI : 10.14429/djlit.39.6.15227