Travel Support Available for RDA-US Community for Plenary 15

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04 Feb 2020

Travel Support Available for RDA-US Community for Plenary 15

Earlier this month, the RDA-US office received approval from the National Science Foundation for a grant submission titled “Research Data Alliance Ideate Incubator (RDA-I2): Conceptualizing an Interdisciplinary Research Framework for Strengthening Community Impact and Advancing an Innovation Platform.” The objectives of the proposal are to further the work of the US office by:

  • Implementing a pilot facilitation training program for RDA group chairs to share strategies and tactics for building better connections across groups, and
  • Developing education and training initiatives to increase the awareness and understanding of RDA outputs to promote broader adoption by those outside the RDA community.

To support these important endeavors, the award will also provide some funding for RDA-US member travel to various meetings, including Plenary 15 (P15) in March in Melbourne, Australia. I

If you are an active US member of an RDA working and/or interest group AND interested in receiving funding from the US office for travel to P15 (which would cover air, lodging and meals), please submit a one-page essay at by February 10, 2020, detailing your anticipated level of involvement and ideas on how you can support these objectives.

Essays will be reviewed and those conveying the highest potential impact on the meeting and RDA community will be selected for funding. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out no later than February 14, 2020.

Members selected for funding will also be expected to submit a two-page report after the meeting, summarizing their experience and recommendations for improvement and further collaboration within the community as it pertains to group activities and adoption of outputs.

As always, thank you for your involvement with RDA and we look forward to your continued engagement.

Best regards,

Leslie McIntosh, PhD
Executive Director
Research Data Alliance (US)